Show Home Interior Design

and Property Staging

The requirements of a Show Home are simple; to impress prospective customers and to sell the dream - how buying from you will fulfil all their hopes and desires. You want them to walk through the door and be instantly impressed and choose you over any other property or developer.



How do we work?

For Show Homes we take a neutral starting point, nothing that is going to shock or offend, and through this we weave our own trademark style that adds a little quirk or design feature that will appeal to the visitor and make your home stand apart from the crowd, which is ultimately the main goal.


do we work with?

We love to work with Housebuilders and Property Developers big and small. No matter the job, we can create the perfect Show Home to maximise your profits and to sell your property quicker.

We ask for payment for the furniture order once the designs have been signed off. We do have finance options available to pay for all your furniture, it just requires a minimum of a 10% deposit and subject to the individual, can be offered at 0% interest free credit as a way to split up payments. 

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