348 products

348 products

We have a wide variety of different tables at Around The House Furniture to suit a range of purposes in your home. From coffee tables and dining tables to desks and dressing tables, you will be sure to find the perfect one for your home with our amazing collection.

Of course, tables are essential in your home, and we have a wide range to choose from that suit a variety of purposes, whilst looking incredible at the same time. From coffee tables and console tables to dining and side tables, we appreciate the different roles each design serves and want to offer you the very best.

We have a collection of tables that are available in a selection of different styles and materials to suit your interior. We have round coffee tables, crescent console tables, rectangular dining tables... the list is endless. Our variety of different shapes and styles are able to suit everyone.

When choosing your perfect Table, the material is particularly important to consider, especially when thinking about what look you want in your home. Whether you want to complement a classic interior or a more modern and contemporary decor, we have something for you. Our brass and nickel frame tables offer a chic and elegant look, whilst our wooden tables provide a more rustic and sturdy feel. Our stainless steel and glass tables offer a luxurious atmosphere to your home and will really showcase the decorative features placed upon them.