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38 products

What is a sideboard?

Traditionally a sideboard (also known as a buffet cabinet) was used to store all the finest china and tableware in the dining room for all the more formal and special occasions. You can be forgiven for thinking this sounds a little dated and not something that would be relevant for modern homes, but the sideboard has made a revival and can be found in virtually all the collections of high-end furniture stores.

Although mostly used in the dining room or living room, a sideboard can be placed anywhere around the home to provide extra storage and a display area in dead areas that wouldn't serve any other purpose. Thanks to the different sizes and finishes now availabile to buy, you can find the perfect style to suit your design criteria.

Why is a sideboard useful?

A sideboard is a great piece to have in your home to keep storage concealed because let's face it, none of us enjoy having a messy home, so being able to double up on style and practicality is a bonus. Our sideboards have a range of internal shelving, drawers, cupboards, and even wine racks to store all of your home's previous items you don't want to leave lying around.

A sideboard can also be used when creating a display area as the flat surface provides vases, ornaments, floral arrangements, and photo frames an excellent place to be arranged. Hang a mirror or piece of wall art above to finish it all off and tie it together.

What styles can I get and how can I choose the right one?

Some of our most popular styles give a nod back to their original eras when g-plan and retro styles were at the height of fashion. Think rustic wood finishes matched with flashes of gold and brass metal detailing to create a beautiful unique style sideboard that is bursting full of character and charm.

If you're not such a fan of the retro and rustic style and want something more classic and contemporary, why not pick one of the dark wood sideboards. The rich deep hues in the dark wood allow the gold detailing and textured finish to take centre stage while looking every bit luxurious and elegant.

To make sure you get the perfect style for your home, the best tip is to measure out the size of the cabinet and compare this to the size of the space you're wanting it to go in. All this storage comes at a size premium sometimes and sideboards tend to sit on the larger end of the furniture scale, so make sure it's going to be a comfortable fit.

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