More increasingly Mirrors are being used as decorative pieces as well as for practical reasons. A well positioned mirror in a darker room can help bounce light around the space, and open up inclosing walls. That’s why it’s important to think about the shape – a round mirror, oval mirror, square mirror, rectangular mirror, diamond mirror, starburst mirror or teardrop mirror, all look great but can they provide enough mirrored surface to do the job you require them to do.
Then think about size, a small mirror on a large wall will get lost and have zero impact, whereas if you want it to become a feature wall, paint the wall a different colour to the rest, wallpaper it, or do something to make it different to the other walls and featuring a mirror on here will finish the job off perfectly.
We have a large selection to choose from, will you choose a Starburst Mirror with a dominating frame that reaches out across the wall. A Convex Mirror is a popular choice for those with Modern surroundings, this bold style sits off the wall to become a feature as opposed to the type you’d use to get ready in front of. Our Teardrop Mirror has a stunning deep gold frame that would be perfect in a hallway for that last glance before you dash out the door but would also make a focal feature too. Our Round Mirrors sit perfectly above Console Tables or Fireplaces as they Juxtapose beautifully against the sharp lines of the Fireplace and Table.
Our Mirrors come with a range of different frame materials from Wood, Metal, Mirrored, Gold, Silver, Antique Gold, Oak, Chrome, Copper, Bronze and many more to suit your interior scheme.