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131 products

What is a mirror?

A mirror can be both stylish and practical depending on the use and location. For example a mirror in a bathroom needs to be practical as you're likely to be using it to perform tasks such as teeth brushing and washing your face, whereas a mirror in the living room may be used solely for decorative purposes, which is still an important element and the main desire for the mirrors use.

Why is a mirror useful?

Using mirrors tactfully within a space can literally transform it, they're brilliant for enhancing and brightening spaces, especially smaller or darker rooms by bouncing sunlight or synthetic light around the space. Using a larger mirror in a smaller space can also allude to the space being larger than it actually is.

Decorative mirrors also contribute greatly to the designs aesthetics, using a heavy ornate frame mirror in a traditional setting brings about warmth and character, while using a minimal modern frame mirror in a contemporary setting can bring a sense of calm and simplicity.

What styles can I get and how can I choose the right one?

Fortunately mirrors come in a myriad of different shapes and sizes to suit their environment. Wall-hung mirrors can be circular, oval, square, rectangular, hexagonal or be made up of lots of smaller components to create a larger structure which is more like a piece of art and definitely more decorative than practical.

If you've got the space in your bedroom or dressing room check out our range of french style extra large leaner mirrors which sit on the floor and provide a superb boutique feel when getting dressed.

Decide if the mirror needs to be practical, decorative or a mixture of both and this will help narrow down the suitable style, then think about space and placement. Where would you get maximum benefit from this mirror being hung? Always do your measuring to make sure the mirror isn't going to be too big or heavy for the space, or too small so that it gets lost in the room.

What's on-trend right now?

The popularity of Statement mirrors just keeps on growing. We love Arched Wall Mirrors with the paneling over the mirror for a country cottage style setting or the industrial mirrors with their rustic antique bronze frames for really adding character and warmth to a scheme.

Bringing back the roaring 20's, our Art Deco mirrors with their geometric patterns and gold accents are also really popular right now and are the perfect pick for a traditional and classic interior.

Add some character with our Round Industrial Mirrors that have an antiqued effect to re-create that raw Industrail style.

Check out our decorative wall art section if you're looking for even more love for your walls.