French Style Dining Tables

14 products

14 products

A dining room isn't complete without a show stopper french style dining table with all the elegance and glamour you'd expect to find in a chic Parisian home.

French style dining furniture can easily be classified by the decorative and carved wooden legs that add character and style to any dining room.

For a more relaxed vibe, choose one of our french provincial dining tables with a rustic oak finish. The light finish works really well in neutral-style dining rooms and looks stunning paired with light/ivory dining chairs with a similar wooden trimmed frame.

Our Mindy wood french style dining table offers an intricate inlaid parquet-style design that complements the gentle curvature of the natural wood grain. It has been lightly brushed to give it a naturally-aged look. The spindled table legs add balance and proportion to its design. The end result is a versatile and timeless piece of furniture.

The rustic finish on our french style dining tables would look fantastic in a french farmhouse style kitchen or dining room. The classic shape and style is timeless and would be a staple piece in your home for many years to come.