Faux Leather Bar Stools

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4 products

More About Our Faux Leather Bar Stools

We often get asked which are better, genuine leather or faux leather bar stools. And the honest answer is, that it's up to the customer to decide what works for them.

Faux leather has become an increasingly popular alternative due to its' sustainability and down to people's ethical beliefs which are rapidly evolving to avoid animal bi-products. 

Faux leather is also a more cost-effective option and is largely a lot more durable against scratches, stains, and everyday wear and tear than leather is.

However, you must always use the appropriate cleaning products designed for use on the intended upholstery, as using harsh chemicals can damage your upholstery in the long run.

Some of our Faux Leather Bar Stools have been given a rustic finish, which adds to the realistic look of the material.