Dark Wood Coffee Tables

7 products

7 products

One of the main pieces of furniture for your living room is the Coffee Table and often the centrepiece for your other furniture to be positioned around.

Choose one of our classic coffee tables to be the focal point in your living room, where you can guarantee quality and style are our specialties.

If you're looking to create a sense of luxury and warmth, we highly recommend a dark wood coffee table that has a beautiful deep rich brown colourway. We find our dark wood coffee tables look even more spectacular when paired with gold metal accents such as on the legs, or on the drawer handles.

A dark wooden coffee table can also be used in a contemporary setting, especially when choosing one with a simple shape, like our Scandi style coffee tables.

We have some modern dark wood coffee tables that are mixed with metal work to give them a more contemporary styling.

Another thing to consider when choosing furniture for your living room is the amount of storage it offers. Being able to conceal clutter is a huge advantage and keeps your space neat and tidy (especially if you have children, you then realise storage becomes invaluable!) Check out our dark wood storage coffee table with drawers or lower shelves to add more storage space.