Coffee Tables

We have an eclectic collection of designer coffee tables at Around the House Furniture, from modern coffee tables to more traditional pieces. Discovering the right coffee table for your room can radically improve the ambiance and the aesthetics, so look no further than right here to get a little inspiration for your home furnishings.

Choosing the perfect coffee table for your home.

First of all, it is key to determine your living room's sense of style - from contemporary to classic there a whole host of styles in between. If you have gone for a modern look, then adding a bold new coffee table would be ideal. Often, modern spaces will employ sharp lines that go towards creating an abstract yet eye-catching look. A quality coffee table can help to do just that if it has a structured shape while still managing to exude sophistication with its man-made materials. An especially well-designed piece of modern furniture can give you a unique look, but also be a practical feature in any room. A large coffee table that allows for additional storage space is invaluable and it can deliver a sleek look to clean contemporary homes.

There is of course a coffee table for every taste and there are traditional homes everywhere crying out for coffee tables oozing with real character and charm. A new coffee table could be the ideal addition when you need a table that flaunts a deluxe design. A well-crafted table will suit a variety of assorted interiors but will be particularly suited to a living room that has rich and detailed wooden furniture and classic timeless shapes. A simple yet hard-hitting design will infuse a sense of superiority into your living room.

Less is more. Unique coffee tables to suit your living room style.

Everyone knows that less is more - this is particularly the case for minimalist homes that make great use of open space, clean lines, light furniture, and a rejection of clutter. There are some perfect small coffee tables to select from for homes that conform to minimalism. All they need to have is a simplistic yet attractive design. Taking inspiration from nature, minimalist coffee tables usually combine clear cut glass tops, natural wooden frames, and sometimes stunning marble casings. These tables create an intriguing look that will be eye-catching without overpowering a minimalist living room.

In general, if you need to introduce a big splash of spirited colour into your room then you will need to be looking for an incredibly unique coffee table. There are tables that come in a wide range of colour options, every one of our choices will go on to have an utterly stunning impact on the look of your interiors whatever selection you go with. The tables come in striking detail to ensure that they become a standout piece of designer furniture in your home. Colourful tables undeniably remain contemporary and can fit into a number of assorted interiors, and when paired up with just the right accessories like candles, cushions, or vases, a coffee table will create a beautifully discriminating look.