Coffee Tables

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71 products

What is a coffee table?

A coffee table is the perfect piece of furniture to sit in the centre of your living room seating arrangement as it adds a focal point to the space and can be an excellent source of storage too. Our luxury designer coffee tables come in a range of different styles from contemporary to more traditional, marble, mirrored and dark wood, check them out and see what works for you in your space.

Why is a coffee table useful?

A coffee tables use can be as basic as using it to rest cups and glasses on, it can be used to form part of your living room's design aesthetic, or to provide much-needed storage for everyday clutter you'd rather stay hidden.

What styles can I get and how can I choose the right one?

Any piece of furniture has to be the right balance between stylish and practical, deciding early on what your 'must have' and 'must not have' can narrow down your search significantly.

If you've got small children you may want to avoid squares or rectangles as the angled edges can pose a hazard to little ones.

To create a soft and fluid space a round or oval style helps to soften any harsh sightlines.

What's on-trend right now?

We're seeing a lot of our current coffee tables with luxury and opulent finishes such as marble and mirrored surfaces with a gold or silver metal structure as the base. Or if you're wanting something more delicate, swap out the marble for a black glass top to create a sophisticated glass silhouette.

Buying a coffee table is an investment, so if you're looking for a more classic and timeless option for your living room check out the tables with luxury dark wood tops on stunning brass bases for a sleek and contemporary space. Or a rustic farmhouse style with textured wood and drawers for storage space is ideal for busy households full of character.

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