Chest of Drawers

Short or tall, wide or narrow, we have plenty of Modern Chest of Drawers to choose from. Drawers are an essential in the bedroom for clothes storage and for bed linen to be put away neatly, but just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too.
If you’re short on space how about doubling your bedside table up as bedside drawers instead, you can stand your table lamp on top and have an additional 2 or 3 drawers storage space that you wouldn’t have got with a standard side table. Another space saving option would be the tallboy chest of drawers. With the same amount of space as a wider chest of drawers, these simply just go up higher to fit as much in.
But if space is a plenty then we also have wider and chunky chests of drawers that are guaranteed to make a standout impression.
Style-wise choose from metal industrial style trunk drawers, which are hitting all the headlines in style magazines for being bang on trend. We also have an unusual bone inlay smaller chest of drawers and larger chest of drawers which are simply stunning and very unique. A Mindy Wood chest of drawers with a mirrored front and hand carved detail which is the ultimate in luxury. Our Shagreen Drawers are also a huge seller, the Shagreen print sits under a glass finish, making these both durable and stylish.
Needless to say I’m sure there’ll be something you love!