30 products

30 products

Our modern Cabinets will always make a statement and are perfect for storing your belongings and showcasing your decorative home pieces. We have a vast collection, allowing you to choose from media cabinets for your living space, or cocktail cabinets to entertain your guests. Our Cabinets are created with stunning materials and we guarantee you'll find the perfect one.


No matter your taste or style, here at Around the House Furniture we have designer cabinets to complement your home decor. Not only stylish to look at, our cabinets are practical pieces of furniture that can be used for years to come to store your belongings away neatly.

Looking for a furniture cabinet to hold your television and entertainment consoles? Media Units from ATHF come in a variety of materials and textures from super sleek and modern, to classic and rustic pieces. Make your electrical items seamlessly blend in with the rest of your decor by displaying on luxury furniture.

Bar Cabinets and Drinks Trollies have exploded in popularity over the past year, allowing you to display your fancy bottles of spirits and mixers around the home with ease. Create the perfect corner for entertaining with our stunning drinks cabinets such as the Coco Silver Embossed 2 Door Bar Cabinet or the Rialto Bone Bar Cabinet.

Buffet Cabinets are another popular piece of furniture, that can store away dishes, cutlery, table settings, and much more when not needed. Typically longer and larger than other cabinets, they can provide much needed storage in the dining room.