Bar Stools

17 products

17 products

Enjoy browsing through our selection of Modern Bar Stools to use at your Kitchen Island or maybe in your Home Bar?

Choose from more traditional style bar stools with classic styling and elegance, or if you're all about the character we have some wonderful Industrial Style Bar Stools too.

Deciding on fabrics and finishes can be an important aspect when it comes to choosing a Bar Stool that will be suitable for your requirements. All of our stools features durable and long lasting fabrics and finishes, so you know they'll see you through years to come. 

For our most durable fabric option, we would recommend the Faux Leather Bar Stools, some have smooth finishes and others with a more textured and rustic finish. They're a more sustainable and sometimes more preferable to real leather. 

Our Velvet Bar Stools are sumptuous, comfortable and stylish, opt for these if you're wanting to create a timeless interior with a grown up vibe.

For a modern look, we have Gold Wire Bar Stools that really do stand out from the crowd and can instantly lift a neutral scheme.

Check out the descriptions on each product for more in depth information and please note some of the Stools come in pairs, this is also listed on the products page.