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How To Create A Stylish Dining Room With The Wow Factor

How To Create A Stylish Dining Room With The Wow Factor We've all seen it in Show Homes and Glossy Home Interior Magazines, but how do they really create that dining space that has the 'wow' factor? The kind of setting that looks fit for royalty - the kind you see the Made In Chelsea crew throw dinner parties round? Because we want THAT! The perfect grown up dining space that makes all your friends and family jealous. I've thrown together some of my favourite inspirational images from Houzz of Dining Rooms and Spaces - some are quite different from others, spanning from the super chic to the super cool, but they all have something I can pick out that...

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How to create the perfect Man Cave

So, Valentines Day is soon to be upon us and I'm coming at it from a different angle. Not because I don't love my boyfriend, but because there's just some days you want to bundle him into the man cave and close the door. Like when he's hogging the tv to watch football, sprawled across the sofa so you only have a tiny space to perch your little self on and all you want to do is sit down with a cup of coffee and watch the Emmerdale Omnibus. We've all been there, and although I'm not fortunate enough to have the space in my house to create a room like this (he did suggest taking over my dressing room, but you can...

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