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How To Create A Stylish Dining Room With The Wow Factor

How To Create A Stylish Dining Room With The Wow Factor We've all seen it in Show Homes and Glossy Home Interior Magazines, but how do they really create that dining space that has the 'wow' factor? The kind of setting that looks fit for royalty - the kind you see the Made In Chelsea crew throw dinner parties round? Because we want THAT! The perfect grown up dining space that makes all your friends and family jealous. I've thrown together some of my favourite inspirational images from Houzz of Dining Rooms and Spaces - some are quite different from others, spanning from the super chic to the super cool, but they all have something I can pick out that...

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Dark and Moody Navy Blue Interiors 2021

Oh Dark Interiors, how we've been so afraid of you for so long! Yet here we are in 2021 and navy blue is the colour of choice in many homes. I remember going back to my childhood when the 9 year old me decided I was old and wise enough to start having an input on how my bedroom should be decorated. One thing my mother always instilled in me when we were looking was to 'never use a dark colour because it makes the room feel smaller and closed in'. Now, she wasn't the sole mantra of this idea that 'dark' meant 'small', it was common knowledge amongst the top design guru's of the day. Although I do question...

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Versatile Living Room

For a breakout space that's easy to adapt, choose individual armchairs that can be moved and turned easily. This creates a space suitable for having a chat with friends, sitting and reading a book or for additional seating when you have guests over. Use a side table in the middle and a floor lamp to the side to form a setting, rather than just having 2 armchairs sitting by themselves in the middle of the floor. Frames on the wall behind again add to the overall look and scene, and pull everything together. This look can be achieved with many different looks and styles but we thought this was a particularly beautiful example. Armchairs - Sierra Leather Armchair £840 Floor Lamp - Charlie...

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