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The Libra Company

One of the longest standing and well known names in the furniture trade is The Libra Company, which was originally started in 1972 by Joe and Christine McLaughlin.

Joe and Christine embarked on a hippy trail to India which spanned over 3 years and saw them travel through vast amounts of countries on their way in their trusty green camper van.

Once they had reached India, they were soon impressed by the traditional craftsmanship and unique pieces of furniture and art that they came across, so different from anything that had been seen in the UK. They were so impressed that they started shipping it back home to the UK. Once they’d arrived back home and decided to settle down, they started approaching high end interior showrooms in London, which quickly snapped up all their finds from India. It was then that the Libra Company was properly established.

Fast forward to today and The Libra Company is run by Joe and Christine’s son, Joe, who Is the current managing director who has pushed the company forward to make it the success it is these days.

The furniture you find at The Libra Company will be a mix of classic, timeless pieces, but also trend driven and modern styles. They cover a diverse range which will appeal to a large market, one of the reasons they’re so popular.

The Libra Company’s mission is to bring style, beauty and unique design to the home. To achieve this, they work with a range of designers, makers and studios around the world to develop products that are both luxurious and distinctive to the Libra brand.

They use the finest raw materials and cutting edge technology to create furniture and accessories that will stand the test of time and only get better with age.

The buyers travel the world to find makers and collections that fit with the Libra style and a lot of the products are designed by the team at The Libra Company itself so they are completely unique.

A direct statement from Paul McLaughlin on The Libra Company’s website about their approach…

“With nearly half a century of history behind us, we have always been focused on treating our customers, suppliers and employees with respect, care and fairness. We believe this results in a motivated workforce, loyal suppliers and happy customers.  

We operate with these principles across all of our operations and only work with suppliers that can evidence the same values and principles in their own companies. We actively seek out suppliers who are members of ethical trade organisations such as Sedex, which is a worldwide mark of ethical manufacturing, ensuring good conditions and fair pay for employees. 

This means our customers can be confident that their purchases are coming from sources that do good in the world.” 

See some of our favourite picks from The Libra Company here...

Anstey Mindi Wood Coffee Table


Anstey Mindi Wood Coffee Table



Arya Blue Velvet Button Detail Three Seater Sofa

Arya Blue Velvet Button Detail Three Seater Sofa


Chancery Marquina Marble Round Dining Table

Chancery Marquina Marble Round Dining Table

Coco Silver Embossed Metal 2 Door Bar Cabinet

Coco Silver Embossed Metal 2 Door Bar Cabinet



Rialto Bone Bar Cabinet

Rialto Bone Bar Cabinet

Venus Nickel Rectangular Chandelier


Venus Nickel Rectangular Chandelier G9 40W

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