How To Create A Stylish Dining Room With The Wow Factor

How To Create A Stylish Dining Room With The Wow Factor

We've all seen it in Show Homes and Glossy Home Interior Magazines, but how do they really create that dining space that has the 'wow' factor? The kind of setting that looks fit for royalty - the kind you see the Made In Chelsea crew throw dinner parties round? Because we want THAT! The perfect grown up dining space that makes all your friends and family jealous.

I've thrown together some of my favourite inspirational images from Houzz of Dining Rooms and Spaces - some are quite different from others, spanning from the super chic to the super cool, but they all have something I can pick out that I specifically like.

So lets take a look..


Using a rug under your Dining Table and Chairs - keeps your toesies warm, but also zones your spaces to separate areas in a larger open plan space. With this one I particularly like they've used the same rug again in the Living area, keeps a sense of uniformity and symmetry without making the space look cluttered or mismatched.

Around The House Furniture has a stunning selection of dining chairs to complement your space. For similar chairs to the ones above, check out:

Agger Dining Chairs in Light Grey Kaster



Clean straight lines! The majority of pieces in this space are very clean cut, from the Parquet flooring, rectangular rug and table, linear console table and all the woodwork on the walls, creates a crisp and defined look. The softer curves on the backs of the chairs and the circle mirror within the gold frame soften the look slightly but still keeps everything neat and sharp.



A low hanging pendant and well set out table crockery. There might seem like there's a lot going on in this photo but everything has been placed to perfection. Take away all the bits and pieces on the table and what you're left with is quite a neat plain space, given a flare with the stunning industrial style pendant light which has been placed to hang lower to zone the dining space. The gold cutlery against the dark wood table stand out and add a real luxe appeal, coupled with layered crockery and folded napkins, this dining area is fit for royalty!

Check out the Langan Chandelier with Black Shade for the perfect centrepiece - £540.

Langan Chandelier with Black Shade Product Image



Going in a totally different direction to the sleek, polished looks above is the urban/barn conversion kind of vibe. This is the look we've gone for in our own kitchen/dining space. We built a new extension on the back of the house when we bought it in 2015 to create a kitchen/dining space because we knew this is where we'd spend most our time. So we took the decision to do away with the conventional dining table and use our island as the main seating space and have a relaxed sofa area in place of the dining table. In this photo I love the laid back feel and mishmash of materials from brick to wood to concrete to sleek high gloss chairs, but somehow it works. This is what I mean by a 'cool' space, it's not trying too hard to be perfect and hey, if things are a little out of place who can tell, it's all about the easy living here!

For a similar Dining Table with a rustic feel, see the Camden Rectangle Dining Table - £450



Swapping a conventional dining table for a bar style table and chairs - I probably wouldn't recommend this one if you have young children as I can't imagine it's very child friendly but it does look super urban and cool. A good way of diving a space and adding different heights to the furniture in the same room to separate areas from just looking like a sea of furniture, it adds a different dimension to the space. I am particularly loving the high industrial style chairs but if you're going to be using this space for a prolonged period of time you may be better switching to something a bit more comfortable.



Add a bit of shelving or display cabinet in the vicinity of the dining area. You spend quite a bit of time sitting in your dining space so you may as well make it pretty! By doing like they have here and adding shelving, you can tie in ornaments, trinkets etc on the table with that on the wall to create a uniformed look. Alternatively if shelves aren't your thing how about adding a feature mirror that is large enough to dominate the space or wallpapering it to create an accent wall? This is a great way to differentiate the space within an open plan kitchen.



Similar to above using a mirror and a open display cabinet to tie in the space to create a dining area, the colours all work together and create a harmonious atmosphere. Another thing I enjoy here is the oversized floral display and vase in the centre of the table. It is somewhat quite exuberant but the pop of green breaks up the neutral colour scheme perfectly to stop it from looking all the same and boring. 

The Dowell Round Mindi Wood Dining Table is perfect for recreating this look - £750.



Create a contrast! Sometimes having wood flooring, a wood dining table and wood dining chairs can be a bit overkill but replace the chairs with colours that contrast, such as these black ones and all over a sudden you've created a vibrant space that is full of character! Add in dashes of greenery with some real or faux plants for the centre of the dining table and some black and white framed prints on the wall and you have yourself a rather splendid look.



This dining room is an example of a small but perfectly formed space. It's not too common to find dining rooms in a lot of modern homes, with most people opting for a kitchen come diner in a bigger open plan space, but I think there's something quite cute and charming about a room that is solely dedicated to sitting down and having food without the car crash of pots and pans in the background (that might just be my kitchen - thank god for the dishwasher) 
I like how they've embraced the oldie worldie look with the panelled wallpaper to give the effect of a Georgian style dining room whilst still being fabulously modern with the cosy Tartan checked dining chairs and Antler Chandelier. Adding in the lower level lighting with the table lamp sat on the console table and the floor lamp in the corner, it allows the space to feel warm and comfortable and not too formal.

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