Dark and Moody Navy Blue Interiors 2021

Oh Dark Interiors, how we've been so afraid of you for so long! Yet here we are in 2021 and navy blue is the colour of choice in many homes.

I remember going back to my childhood when the 9 year old me decided I was old and wise enough to start having an input on how my bedroom should be decorated. One thing my mother always instilled in me when we were looking was to 'never use a dark colour because it makes the room feel smaller and closed in'. Now, she wasn't the sole mantra of this idea that 'dark' meant 'small', it was common knowledge amongst the top design guru's of the day. Although I do question her design authority when she allowed me to pick a shocking barbie pink colour throughout - but that's a separate issue.

Whether you're a lover or hater of the new Navy Blue Interiors trend, there's no denying the old myth of it making a room look smaller is a load of.... rubbish. Used as a colour base on the walls creates a sense of mystery and drama - the perfect backdrop for a feature mirror or gallery wall. And if you're not bold enough to go full hog, then ease yourself in gently with just 1 wall as a feature wall, or use it in your accessories such as a throw on the bed (see the amazing Cox & Cox throw below!). And break the dark colour scheme up with golds, tan leathers, pastel pinks and warm greys.

Check out our top ways to incorporate dark interiors into every room of your house:

Arya Blue Velvet Button Detail Three Seater Sofa in Living Room

Easily update your living space by adding a navy blue sofa and pair with gold accessories for a show stopping look. The Arya Blue Velvet Button Detail Sofa is the perfect choice.


Gallery wall with navy blue paint, various sized photo frames

Create a Gallery Wall using mismatching frames of differing sizes, shapes, colours for an eclectic feel. Accessories will really pop against the dark feature wall.


Textured ceramic vase

Not quite ready to paint EVERYTHING navy blue in your home? Jazz up a plainer scheme using Navy blue accessories such as this vase from Amara.


Navy Blue Living Room

Use it as a backdrop for a gold feature mirror and break up with lighter colours in the furniture.


Round Gina Mirror with Gold Detailing



The Gina Mirror from Around The House Furniture is the perfect statement accessory that looks striking against a navy blue feature wall.


Pintuck navy velvet throw from Cox and Cox

This beautiful Pin-Tucked Velvet Throw from Cox and Cox looks luxurious enough for royalty and really breaks up the simple style of the rest of the room.




Get some gold pendant lights in the space to warm up the look, like these by Tom Dixon at Houseology


Looking for the perfect shade of matte? Try Crown's Midnight Navy.  


dw_vardagsrum_livingroom_ Use a warm grey as the background colour and keep the rest of the scheme looking warm by using tan leathers and fluffy rugs for a fresh look.


sophie-howard-adore-magazine Blue doesn't have to mean masculine, keep it pretty and girly by pairing with pastel pink and bunches of flowers - everyone's a winner!



Use just the right amount. Sometimes less is more when it comes to complimenting your space. This kitchen has a great balance between light and dark to ensure it works together instead of fighting for attention. The Herringbone pattern made using the tiles is also a nice touch.

Have you embraced the dark interior trend yet?

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