5 Ways To Bring Serenity To Your Home

We all know what it's like to live in a world full of chaos and noise surrounding us at every turn. That's why it's super important to create a space at home, even if it's just a small room, that is a peaceful and tranquil zone, free of clutter and stress triggers. 
Here we run through 5 Ways To Bring Serenity To Your Home and get you on a journey to a more peaceful way of living. These steps are really simple and easy to implement, so no more excuses for living amongst chaos.
1. Use a neutral colour scheme. Seems fairly obvious but the use of bright colours within a space will cause arousal in our already hectic and busy minds. Using a neutral palette with calming tones can help settle a frazzled brain and allow us to wind down and enjoy some soothing time.
2. Bring as much nature into the space as possible through greenery and botanics. Be this real or faux, the effect is the same. So if you're a disastrous serial plant killer worry not, the fake stuff looks just as good as the real stuff these days.
3. Introduce a warmth and texture through the use of wood. Again it comes back to the whole being at one with nature. Wood has a wonderful way of creating a natural and calming space, while the textured finish breaks up a neutral scheme without it becoming flat.
4. Be mindful of lighting. Creating a lighting scheme within a space doesn't have to be complicated, yet it should have some thought given to it. Ceiling lights are great for overall general lighting, however, for more calming spaces introduce lower level lighting such as table lamps and floor lamps when you want to dim the lights.
5. Declutter your room - or at least get more organised to hide it out of sight. Seeing stacks of books, files, dirty washing etc has a terrible way of giving me a twitchy eye, and really messes with my mind. Get really good at having designated spaces for 'life clutter'. Have an attractive washing basket that fits with your rooms decor to house your dirty laundry and put some extra thought into organising your life and work admin on a stylish desk, hidden away in decorative boxes and files. Put the hard work in now, so you can reap the rewards later.
We hope you enjoy creating a beautiful relaxing space for yourself!
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