10 Ways to Jazz up your walls!

One thing I struggled with when we renovated our house (and still struggle with now) is utilising wall space and making it look pretty, but not cluttered. I am always looking for ways to jazz up our walls.

I'm not a huge fan of open shelving or having a million ornaments out on display - this for me is 1) a dust haven, and will take me 10 times longer to clean than having a clear surface I can just swoosh across with the duster (total OCD head) and 2) a guaranteed way of making my own head space feel cluttered - like there's stuff actually everywhere... and it's caving in on you..... and I need to straighten that vase... and those books aren't in height order... etc etc.

Many a day have I wandered around the house huffing and puffing, picking stuff up off surfaces and putting things away - when in actual fact, anyone who comes to my home will agree it's (mostly) like a show home and they can't understand why I'm so stressed out. I like to think of it as a quirk and personally feel Chris should be honoured to live with someone who is as clean and tidy as me... I don't know if HE see's it that way, but he mostly complies and just moves to a different room/puts his headphones on/or just nods and smiles, which seems to pacify me.

Anyway, enough about my wild lifestyle - here's 10 of the best wall features to jazz up your walls and add a splash of personality without looking like they're taking over the room.... enjoy!



1. A cheap and effective way of getting a bit of greenery into the home. Find a used pallet (off eBay, buy and sell groups or at a local supermarket) and remove some of the slats to create a bit more of a random look. For the jars you could buy all matching ones, but I find using old jam jars, sauce jars etc make the look a bit more eclectic and not so uniformed. In some of the jars pop a tea light in to give a soft glow and in the others either a real or faux plant (faux for me, I literally can kill any living plant within a week) and voila - you have a cheep and cheerful wall rack!



2. Make your own ladder shelving - again getting creative with the old Power Tools. This would also work well breaking down old palettes to create the frame. Don't worry if you need to join 2 pieces of wood together to make the legs longer, joins and rough finishes are all part of the shabby chic charm. Finish with a wood stain and roughly buff over the surface to give a battered effect. Then layer up with pictures in frames, vases, ornaments etc.

Want the effect but don't have the time? Check out our range of shelving and bookcases for the perfect display.



3.  Hexagonal 3D shelving. Or shelving of any shape, arranged on the wall at juxtaposing angles which can become valuable storage as well as for decorative purposes.



4. Create a gallery wall. This is going to be my next project in our spare bedroom (AKA the dressing room - advantages of being child free!) but I'm still collecting and gathering frames and little phrase boards before I start it. Can guarantee I will sit on the bedroom floor arranging and rearranging it for a good solid half a day, which will result in tears because I'm being that anal I can't make it look 'random' - I've got a feeling Chris will be too 'busy' to help that day.



5. Hanging plant wall. I'm starting to sense a theme that I like plants... they just don't like me. This method of hanging the plants down the wall is pretty sweet and takes the plainness off the white paint but still looks fresh.



6. LOVE THIS - Grey and yellow together is my favourite thing at the moment! Hanging a grid on the wall is a good way to be able to attach hanging baskets which can be used for extra storage or to just make a totally quirky display like this. I have a feeling these pieces won't be used on a daily basis but you can make a lifestyle display like this just for show... go on, we won't judge you.



7. Picture rail shelves. By painting these shelves the same colour as the wall, you're not trying to create the illusion that these frames are mysteriously floating by themselves, but it does help them to fade in the background and let the photos take centre stage. It promotes a sense of calm and using imagery of complementing colours also makes the scheme work.



8. Get snap happy! This is another idea that is soooo easy to do. Grab an old frame and spray paint the hell out of it (unless you like the colour it is, then just leave it alone!) Screw in layers of string from one side to the other. Get some polaroid snaps (can be printed by Photobox) preferably in a similar colour or theme and clip them on the the string using clothing pegs.



9. For a Scandi-chic look, head down to the woods (or the nearest local place with trees) to fetch yourself a tree branch like the one above and chain link photographs together using some string. If going branch hunting seems like too much of a chore, or you want to be super picky about the aesthetics of your tree branch, you can always cheat and find one here at Etsy



10. Stack em up! Wall cubes are an effective way to display plants, books, ornaments and frames. Buy them ready made or do them your way by getting them off this Ebay Store. Then you can paint the frames, paint the background, wallpaper the background and just go wild with them!

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